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Auto Loan Refinancing 101

Save Money With Auto Refinancing  Do you currently have your vehicle loan with a different financial institution? If so, refinancing your auto loan to Launch FCU could save you big bucks. An auto refinance with Launch FCU can help you get to where you are going, with payments you can afford. Six Reasons You Should […]

Experience The Credit Union Difference

Why Join A Bank When You Can Join A Credit Union? According to MyCreditUnion.gov, credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that aim to serve members, rather than to maximize profits. Credit unions operate similarly to banks in that they accept deposits, make loans, and provide members with a variety of financial services. The big difference between […]

15 Retirement Savings Tips

Retirement Happens To Everyone: Start Saving Now Let’s face it, saving money isn’t always easy, and saving for an event that is 20 or years more into the future is even harder. Many would compare saving for retirement to exercising. We all know we should do it, but we always seem to find a reason […]

Credit Score 101

What You Need To Know About Credit Score Your credit score is vital to your future. It can determine your ability to get a loan, and have a lower interest rate on your loan. A low credit score could also impact your future employment, insurance premium, and ability to rent an apartment, condo, or home. […]

Protect Your Vehicle With GAP

What Is GAP? Guaranteed Asset Protection also referred to as GAP, is an affordable loan protection product offered by Launch FCU through our partnership with CUNA Mutual Group. GAP helps to provide you with financial security in the event that your vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss. At Launch FCU, GAP can be added at any time during the […]

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