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Repair Credit After Bankruptcy. It Is Possible.

According to government data, there were a total of 911,086 bankruptcy filings in 2015. 26,130 of these filings were businesses, while 884,956 were non-business filings. Many people may feel that there is no coming back from a bankruptcy, however there is life after bankruptcy. It is possible to repair credit after bankruptcy. None of these […]

Wedding Planning Isn’t Cheap…

The title of this blog post says it all. Wedding planning is not a cheap task. According to CNN Money, couples are spending more than ever on weddings. The average cost of a wedding increased to $32,641 in 2015. The median household income according to the United States Census Bureau is $54,000. This means that […]

How Much Car Can I Afford? The Question We Have All Asked.

If you’re looking for an auto loan in Melbourne, Florida, one of the top questions you may be asking yourself is ‘How much car can I afford?’ There is an abundance of car dealerships in Melbourne, Florida, but the first step should be determining how much you should spend on your new car. It’s easy to […]

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