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Should You Buy A New Or Old Home?

Shopping around for houses can bring about several questions. One of the top questions we receive is “should we buy a new or old home?” Below we will uncover the pros and cons to buying a brand new home versus buying an old home, what to be aware of for each, and ultimately, help you […]

Will Refinancing Your Auto Loan Hurt Your Credit Score?

The short answer is sort of. When you refinance your vehicle the dealer will pull your credit score. This will be considered a “hard inquiry” or hard pull. A hard inquiry could lower your credit score by a few points or have a negligible effect. Any damage that was done to your credit score as a […]

How To Do Valentine’s Day On A Budget

  Love is in the air as Cupid’s big day approaches. For some this brings excitement and for others, it can be dread! (Looking at you boyfriends and husbands who like to last minute shoppers.) Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can become quite expensive if you plan to buy into the whole jewelry routine. Thankfully, there are […]

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