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Avoid Gift Card Scams This Holiday Season

The Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Gift Card Scams This Holiday Season The quickly approaching holiday season means it’s time to shop for gifts and avoid gift card scams. Many people buy gift cards because holiday shopping turns into a headache.People give, receive, and steal gift cards. Scammers target gift cards because there are multiple […]

Make Your Auto Loan Process Seamless: Here’s What You Need to Refinance!

How do I refinance my auto loan? What documents do I need? What will my new monthly payment be? These are questions that pop up when you think about refinancing your auto loan, but we can make your auto loan process seamless at Launch. We’ve laid out a list of what you need and how […]

If It Connects, Protect It: Maximize Security on Devices

It’s easy to forget how many devices can connect to the internet. According to Market Watch, there will be 73 million smart homes in North America by 2021. This will make up more than 50% of all households. These include smart watches, to speakers, televisions, appliances and internet routers. Follow these steps to protect your […]

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