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How To Raise A Money Smart Kid

   It’s easy to be money conscious as adults. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and cars to gas up, but those worries aren’t on most kids’ minds. We have blogs, videos, and financial resources to gain better money management skills, but what do our kids have? They have parents, grandparents, and/or […]

How to Avoid Bad Check Scams

 How do car wrap scams work? – Students are sent a check to pay a specific specialist to wrap their car. – The specialist requires them to deposit money directly into their bank account or send a money order because these funds are hard to cancel. – The student keep the rest of the […]

9 Frugal Family & Date Night Ideas!

 2020 is in full swing and so are New Year’s Resolutions! For many people, saving money and spending more time with family & friends are on that list. Research says one of the top five New Year’s Resolutions is saving money and also one of the most commonly failed.  Here at Launch, we’re always […]

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