Arby’s Data Breach – What You Need To Know

Arby’s restaurants recently confirmed that a data breach occurred on their payment card systems. It dates back to October 2016. As many as 355,000 debit and credit card accounts may be compromised.

Launch FCU members who have used their cards at an Arby’s restaurant should monitor their accounts for fraudulent activity. Please pay special attention to charges in the South Florida area. If you notice fraud, notify Launch FCU immediately by calling 321-455-9400 or 1-800-662-5257 outside Brevard. We will close your debit or credit card, and you can either stop in to any branch for a replacement debit card, or we can mail you a new card. If you close your credit card, we will mail you a replacement card within 7-10 business days.

You should monitor your account through Launch FCU’s free Online Banking, VoiceTouch24 and Mobile Banking. You can also set up free E-Lerts to let you know of activity on your accounts. You can do this by logging into Online Banking, click on Access Accounts, then Notifications. Click on E-Lerts Options to set up your specific E-Lerts.

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