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8 Financial Tips For High School Seniors

The real world is fast approaching for high school seniors! If you know one of the millions headed off to college this coming year then share the below tips! Students will be juggling a lot when school starts so now is the time to talk about personal finances. College is expensive without the added stress […]

10 Ways to Support Local Businesses

 Small businesses are struggling right now. Various small businesses have temporarily closed while others have struggled to make a profit while staying open. Some will never re-open their doors, but the ones that will need our support. As a local financial institution, it’s important for us to support our local businesses. This is why […]

9 Tips For Working Remotely

Thousands of employees are working from home for the first time. For many this transition came fast because of the COVID-19 pandemic without a ton of guidance on what this actually looks like. While you can complete many or all of your tasks remotely, your environment will look different. Adjustments will need to be made […]

6 Ways To Budget During COVID-19

If you don’t have a budget or don’t know how to budget, then NOW is the time! Many of us are experiencing financial hardship, which means it’s time to adjust our budgets. Use these tips to create a simple budget you can utilize during the COVID-19 crisis.   1.) Revisit & Revise Your budget can […]

Struggling To Pay Your Loans? Here’s What To Do

COVID-19 is affecting millions of people’s finances. For some, it’s hard to keep up with loan payments in light of layoffs and reduced work. Launch FCU’s top priority is the financial health of our members so we’ve gathered a few tips you can use if you’re struggling to pay your loans right now. 1.) Reach […]

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