Auto Loan Refinancing 101

Save Money With Auto Refinancing 

Do you currently have your vehicle loan with a different financial institution? If so, refinancing your auto auto refinancingloan to Launch FCU could save you big bucks. An auto refinance with Launch FCU can help you get to where you are going, with payments you can afford.

Six Reasons You Should Think About Auto Refinancing

Refinancing your auto loan to Launch FCU can provide you with many benefits such as:

  • Increasing or decreasing your term. By refinancing to Launch FCU you may be able to select a different term and payment option to better suite your individual needs.
  • Lower monthly payments. Refinancing your auto loan to Launch FCU could help you save money each month by reducing your monthly payments.
  •  Lowering your interest rate. Refinancing your vehicle loan to Launch FCU could lower your APR. This means that you will pay less overall interest if the repayment term remains the same, or decreases.
  • Benefit from consistent monthly payments with a fixed rate.A fixed rate means that you pay the same amount each month, and you will never get penalized for paying off your loan early. 
  • Transfer money to pay off your car loan directly from Online Banking
  • Have peace of mind knowing that all Launch FCU loans are financed in-house.

car refinanceIs Auto Refinancing Right For You?

Almost anybody can refinance his or her car. Refinancing is a great option for you. Please give us a call at 321-455-9400 (inside Brevard) or 800-662-5257 ext. 5441(outside Brevard), email us at loaninquiries@launchfcu.com, or stop by any of our conveniently located branches.

~ Your interest rate is much higher than what you could get today. Chances are you can probably get a lower rate by refinancing your car. Since interest rate directly impacts monthly payments, it is something that should be considered.

~ Your credit score has improved. If your credit score has improved since you took out your original car loan, you could save money by refinancing your vehicle loan to Launch FCU.

~ You are in a lengthy loan term. If you are currently in a long lone term, five-to-eight- year term, you would be an excellent candidate for an auto refinance.

~ If you have your auto loan with any other financial institution, we would love to speak with you about how refinancing your vehicle loan to Launch FCU could save you money. At Launch FCU, our goal is to help you to go beyond and reach your financial goals. Let us help you get to where you are going for less.

You may also apply online to start the refinance process today! Click Here To Refinance With Launch FCU


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