New Digital Banking Suite Coming Fall 2017

We’re very excited for the release our new Digital Banking Suite this fall. Launch FCU’s new Digital Banking Suite will provide you with an entirely new digital banking experience, user-friendly design, and new features that are not available with our current Online Banking platform.

This is part one of a three part series. Today we will release five new and exciting features the new digital banking suite will provide. We hope you are as excited as we are for the release.

5 Exciting Digital Banking Suite Features To Look Forward To

  1. Seamless Design Across Devices
    One of the best aspects of our new Digital Banking Suite is the seamless design regardless of the device you use. That means your digital banking experience will be the same on mobile as it is on desktop or tablet.
    New Digital Banking Suite
  2. Forgot Password
    With our new Digital Banking Suite you will not have to worry about forgetting your password. With the “Forgot Password” link you can easily reset your password to avoid getting locked out. This will ensure you have access to your accounts 24/7.
    digital banking suite
  3. Find What You’re Looking For Fast
    The layout of our new Digital Banking Suite will provide you with a simple but sophisticated layout to help you find information you need fast. Navigate your way around Digital Banking via the side menu, and re-organize your accounts however you like. With our new Digital Banking suite it’s all about customizing your finances.
    Customizing your finances dashboard
  4. Finance Manager
    We understand that a major part of budgeting is knowing where you are spending your money. That’s why we have included personal finance management tools within the new digital banking suite. The arrows circled below allow you to move between your accounts. Knowing what you are spending your money on, and how much you are spending can help you make smarter decisions to improve your overall financial health.
    Make smarter decisions with your money
  5. Ability To Send & Receive Secure Messages
    We understand that peace of mind with your finances comes with the ability to securely contact us. Our new Digital Banking Suite will allow you to send and receive secure messages with Launch FCU right from Digital Banking.
    digital banking 5

Stay tuned for future blog posts announcing additional new features that will be available with our new Digital Banking Suite.

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