How To Choose A Checking Account That Will Save You Money

A checking account is an essential money management tool, and there are an abundance of options available in the market. Do a simple search for “checking accounts in Brevard County,” “banks near me,” “open a checking account”, or even “best bank near me,” and you will return numerous local and national results. In a world saturated with financial options, how do you know which financial institution you should open a checking account at? Do not worry. Here are five essential qualities you should look for in a checking account that can help you save big money in the long-run.

Open A Checking Account With One Or More Of These Offerings

  1. No Minimum Balance
    Let’s face it, it can be very difficult to keep a minimum balance of $1,000 or more in your checking account at any given time. We all have bills and other financial obligations that may make this impossible any given month. A great checking account will have zero minimum balance to help you avoid fees, and allow you to keep the majority of your money in your savings account where you can earn interest. At Launch Federal Credit Union, we are all about saving our members money. That’s Tips to save money when you open a checking account.why we have zero minimum balance on our Classic Checking Account. We are here to help you reach your financial goals, and eliminating a minimum balance requirement is one way to help you avoid fees, and achieve your goals faster.
  2. No Monthly Service Fee
    Make sure that when you open a checking account, the account you choose does not have a monthly service fee. There’s not many things that are more frustrating than paying a company to do business with them. At Launch FCU we strongly believe that your money should stay yours. We appreciate our members, and are thankful for their business. That is why our Classic Checking Account has no monthly service fee.  We’re here to help you bank for less.
  3. Low Initial Deposit
    Some banks and credit unions will require you to open an account with a large initial deposit. Seek out a financial institution in Brevard or Volusia County that will allow you to open your checking account with a low initial deposit. Launch FCU recognizes that it is not always possible to open your account with $25, or even $500. All it takes to open an account at Launch FCU is $5. Our goal is to make banking affordable, and easily accessible to everyone in the communities in which we serve.
  4. ATM Availability
    There is nothing worse than stopping at an ATM to take cash out, only to be faced with a $3 ATM service fee. If you rely on an ATM to withdrawal cash on a regular basis, it is essential to choose a financial institution with a large network of fee-free ATMs. Launch FCU does not believe in having our members pay outrageous ATM fees to access their money. All Launch FCU members have access to a large ATM network. This includes the ability to utilize any Publix-Presto ATM fee-free with a Launch FCU ATM/Debit Card! Stop throwing your money away on ATM fees, and seek out an option that will keep more money in your wallet.
  5. Additional Fees
    One of the best ways you can save money on checking is to thoroughly research all fees charged by a financial institution before opening an account. Make sure you understand every fee the financial institution charges, so you do not run into trouble or confusion down the road. Saving money on unnecessary fees is one of the top ways to build your savings faster. Your money is yours. Keep it that way.

Choose The Right Checking Account For You

If you’re looking for a bank in Brevard County or bank in Volusia county, make sure to research all fees associated with the account type, as well as any minimum balance requirements. You are now armored with five traits of a checking account that can save you money. Finding the perfect checking account for you starts with understanding your financial goals, and picking an account to help you achieve those goals. Regardless of your goals, it’s silly to spend money on unnecessary bank fees and monthly service charges. Your money should remain yours. That is a philosophy that we at Launch FCU strongly believe. Stop into any of our 12 convenient branch locations for more information on our low-cost checking accounts, or give us a call any time.


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