How To Save Money On Holiday Shopping In 2018

The holiday season can be a financially stressful time of year. However, if you prepare your budget for the holiday season you can avoid much undue stress. In this article we’ll outline five holiday savings tips to help reduce your stress and help you save more during the holiday season of 2018. Let’s get started!

Five Holiday Shopping Tips To Save You Money

  1. Make A Budget & Stick To It
    It’s quite common to get carried away with spending during the holiday season with all of the excellent online and in-store deals, along with expenses related to decor, food, and travel. Thus, the first step we recommend you take is to set a budget for all of fixture of Santa Claus looking surprisedthese expenses and STICK TO IT! Some tips to get you started include:
    ~Set an exact amount you would like to spend for the entire holiday.
    ~ Price out each item. You can do so by looking online.
    ~ Keep your list handy. You can email it to yourself to keep on your smart phone for quick access.
  2. Research Before You Purchase
    Naturally, we can get caught up in the holiday spirit by buying needless items, but doing this can add up quickly. So first, start researching the items you’re wanting to purchase. This is especially important with high ticket items. Your research should extend beyond product pricing to also include product reviews. Researching customer reviews will help you ensure you pick the best possible product for your needs. An excellent site to use for checking product reviews is Amazon.
  3. Use Price-Match & Discounts To Your Advantage
    You can check your local retailers to see if any are offering a price-match guarantee. This means they will match the price of a competitor or even offer the product at a lower cost. Plan to check online prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday so you can maximize your savings. Additionally, you can google discounts for the items(s) you’re looking for and you might find them!
  4. Don’t Go Crazy With Gifts
    There are plenty of creative ways to save money when it comes to giving gifts. One option is group buys! Those with large families can pool their money together and give gifts jointly. Another option, isĀ  to buy gifts just for the kids! There’s always happiness to be had by seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces as they open presents. Lastly, you could consider a secret Santa gift exchange and set a budget for how much to spend with a set budget, or consider making your own gifts.
  5. Stick With Inexpensive Entertainment
    Due to how quickly holiday spending adds up, it’s always a great idea to find low-budget ways of entertaining the family. Here in Florida, outside activities are always an excellent option! Finding areas that offer Christmas lighting events, parades, or even a meet and greet with Santa Claus can be fun for the entire family.


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