Your Credit Card Payments May be Automatically Deferred!

At Launch FCU, the well-being of our members is our top priority. We understand the uncertainty you may be experiencing and we are committed to delivering options that best serve you.

Your Credit Card payments may be automatically deferred if your account meets the following eligibility requirements:

  • Account must be in good standing and open
  • Account is NOT over the limit
  • Account is NOT delinquent
  • Account is NOT closed
  • Account is NOT charged off

If it is determined that you qualify for an automatic payment skip, you will see a minimum amount due of $0 on your April and May statements. In July 2020, your minimum payment amount owed will resume based on your monthly due date. Interest charges and fees (excluding late fees) will continue to accrue and be assessed unless indicated elsewhere on this statement. If you wish to continue your monthly payments, that is always accepted.

IMPORTANT: If you are currently enrolled in auto-pay or a recurring payment(s) through Digital Banking or My Card Info, your auto-pay must be canceled by April 26, 2020 for the deferment(s) to process. If you do not cancel your auto pay by this date, you will need to pay at least the minimum payments by your due date. Remember to re-instate your auto-pay in June if you do this. 

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