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We’re excited to announce that our new Digital Banking Suite has launched!  Our new Digital Banking Suite provides you with a completely NEW experience!

To view a complete suite of tutorial videos to help you learn how to navigate the new Digital Banking Suite, go to our Launch FCU YouTube videos.

Important Things To Remember

  1. If you have recurring transfers/loan payments currently set up in Online Banking, they will not convert to the new system.
  2.  We need your most updated contact information. Make sure your contact number and email address are up-to-date. You will need to be able to access one of these to receive a secure access code to login to Digital Banking for the first time. For instance, if you wish to receive your secure access code via text to your cell phone, but we have your home phone number on file, your secure access code will not be delivered. In this instance, you would need to update your contact number to your cell phone. You can update your contact information in the current Online Banking systems by… ~ Login to Launch FCU Online Banking ~ Click on “Your Preferences” ~ Click on “Contact Information” ~ Check your information, and make any necessary changes. ~ Click “Update.”

New Digital Banking FAQs

Question- Will I need to re-enroll for Launch FCU’s new Digital Banking Suite?
Answer- All existing Online Banking and Mobile Banking Users will need to login to the new Digital Banking Suite with their current Online Banking User ID and password. You will then be provided with steps to get a secure access code and complete the initial set-up process. 

Question- What if I’m a new user?
Answer- If you are not a current Online Banking User, you will need to enroll as a new user to access the new Digital Banking Suite. Simply visit the home page of our website and click on the “Username” field in the Digital Banking login box.

Enter the Username you would like to use, check “New Enrollment,” and then “Login.” Follow the prompts to complete the new enrollment process.

Question- Is there a new app for mobile?
Answer- There is a new Launch FCU mobile app. If you are a current Mobile Banking User, open the Launch FCU mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, and follow the link provided to access the updated version. If you have not downloaded Launch FCU’s mobile app, download it in your app store by searching “Launch FCU.”

Question- Do I have to use a desktop computer to sign in for the first time, or to enroll as a new user?
Answer- No. Our new Digital Banking Suite allows you to enroll from any device.

Question- What will the first time login look like for an existing Launch FCU Online Banking User?
Answer: For current Online Banking Users, follow the steps below to access Digital Banking for the first time
~Visit our website’s home page to login.
~Enter your current Online Banking User ID
~Enter your current Online Banking password
~Click “login” to continue.
~Select a delivery method for your secure access code.
~Input your secure access code in the box provided to complete the initial login. You’ll be guided to update your password using our enhanced security credentials.

Question- Will Bill Pay history transfer over to the new Digital Banking Suite?
Answer- Yes, all payee information, scheduled payments, and Bill Pay history will convert to the new Digital Banking Suite

Question- Will currently scheduled transfers and recurring transfers convert to the new Digital Banking Suite?
Answer- No, you will need to set up all scheduled transfers and recurring transfers in the new Digital Banking Suite. Any transfers scheduled in Online Banking after October 22 will not process.

Question- Will I be able to access my Launch FCU Credit Card information in Digital Banking?
Answer- Yes, to view your Launch FCU credit card account, simply login to Digital Banking, and click “Services” from the navigation menu, then click “My Credit Card.” You can also view your credit card information from the home screen in Digital Banking.

Question- What are the browser requirements for accessing Digital Banking?
Answer- The only browser requirement is that your browser must be HTML5 compatible. We recommend updating your browser to the latest version available. Below are a list of compatible browsers.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11 & Later
  • Firefox Version 33 & Later
  • Google Chrome Version 27 & Later
  • Safari Version 8 & Later

Mobile Phone Requirements

  • Android Devices Version 4.2.X & Later
  • Apple iOS Version 9 & Later

For additional information you will need to help make your transition to our new Digital Banking Suite easy, visit our FAQ page.

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