Space Center Branches Closed Due To Govt. Shutdown

For those government workers who are affected by the government shutdown and are experiencing a loss of pay, Launch FCU is offering a special loan if you need help until your paychecks resume.

These Benefits Include:

  • Interest-free loan with a term up to 12 months
  • Maximum loan amount is $3,000 (Loan amount equal to the amount of one biweekly or two weekly net paychecks)
  • Must be a member of Launch FCU, or become a member in order to apply for the interest-free loan
  • Must be an existing federal or contract employee affected by the government shutdown resulting in missed pay. Pay verification is required.
  • Establish direct deposit of net check into Launch FCU savings or checking account
  • Deadline to apply is January 31, 2019 (date may be extended as needed)
  • Other restrictions may apply
  • Apply at any Launch FCU branch

See our special loan offer.

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