WAWA Breach

If you used any credit/debit card at Wawa convenience stores and gas stations dating back to March of 2019, your card information may have been compromised.

We have been in contact with all members that may have been affected by this breach. For your safety and security, Launch FCU is issuing those affected with a new debit and/or credit card. Current debit and/or card will be closed Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

When you receive your new card:

  • Activate your new card immediately
  • Destroy your old card immediately
  • Update any recurring transactions you have set up with your new debit card number and expiration date. 
  • Monitor your account for any unusual activity and contact Launch FCU immediately if you see any unauthorized transactions.

Activation and PIN Instructions:

Step 1:  Activate your new card by calling 1-888-691-8661

Step 2:  After activation, from the phone number Launch has on file, you must call 1-888-891-2435 to set a PIN for your new card.  For security, your old PIN is not automatically transferred to your new card.  You may use your old PIN number, but you still must call to set it up on your new card. 

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to Enroll in Digital Banking

Along with many great features, you will have the ability to monitor your account transactions anytime.

We also recommend you Sign Up For Fraud Text Alerts 

With this FREE service, you can help prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on your DEBIT and CREDIT cards.

After enrolling, be sure to download our app so that we are just a tap away! You can also set up Touch ID to make logging in super fast and easy! 

Launch FCU mobile app Launch FCU mobile app

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